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Home Remodeling

In the ever-evolving field of home design, our home remodeling services stand out by offering comprehensive, high-quality, and personalized solutions.

Whether it’s updating your kitchen, refurbishing your bathroom, reimagining your basement, or giving your living room a fresh look, our team is equipped to turn your visions into reality.

Your Kitchen, Your Way: Kitchen Remodeling

There’s no denying the kitchen is the heart of the home. Our bespoke kitchen remodeling services will breathe new life into your cooking and dining spaces.

We are committed to delivering beautiful, functional, and efficient kitchen designs that reflect your style and meet your needs.

Upgrade to Elegance: Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling can transform your daily routine into a luxurious experience.

Our skilled team employs the latest design trends and innovative technology to provide bathroom remodels that enhance aesthetics, comfort, and functionality.

Unlock Potential: Basement Remodeling

Many homeowners overlook the potential of their basements.
Our basement remodeling services aim to convert this often-underutilized space into a valuable extension of your home. Whether it’s a home office, a playroom, or an entertainment hub, we create spaces that fit your lifestyle.

Revitalize Your Living Space: Living Room Remodeling

As the centerpiece of your home, your living room deserves special attention. Our living room remodeling services focus on creating inviting, cozy, and versatile spaces that can accommodate various activities and gatherings.

Choosing our home remodeling services means you’ll get a home that is not only beautiful and functional but also tailored to your specific needs. With our expert planning, design, and construction processes, we take the stress out of home remodeling and ensure your project is a success.

Don’t hesitate to transform your house into the home of your dreams.
Contact us today for a free consultation and let us turn your remodeling dreams into reality.

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Have a new project to give your home the new look that you desire? All-Star Group, LLC is the only call you need to make.

Services we offer:

  • Room Additions
  • Bathroom Remodel / Renovation
  • Detached Garage Construction
  • In-Law Suites

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Home Project Construction Nashville TN

All-Star Group, LLC Remodel & Construction FAQ

The cost of home remodeling varies greatly depending on the size of the project, the materials used, labor costs, and the location of your home. On average, a full home remodel can range from $20,000 to $200,000 or more. It's best to get a specific quote from a contractor after they have assessed your project and your specific needs.

The timeline for a home remodeling project can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project. Minor remodels can take a few weeks, while larger projects like a whole home remodel can take several months to a year or more. It's always best to consult with a professional contractor to get a more accurate timeline for your specific project.


Whether or not you need to move out during a remodeling project depends on the scale and nature of the project. For small renovations, it's often possible to stay in the house, although there may be minor disruptions. However, for large-scale remodels, especially those involving major structural changes or where utilities will be disconnected, it may be necessary to move out temporarily for safety reasons and to facilitate the work.


The type of permits required for a home remodel will depend on the nature of your project and local regulations. Typically, projects that involve structural changes, electrical or plumbing work, or changes to the exterior of your home will require permits. You should consult with your contractor, who should be familiar with the permit process in your local area.

It's crucial to do your research when choosing a contractor. Ask for recommendations from friends and family, check online reviews, and interview multiple contractors before making a decision. Look for a contractor with a good reputation, a history of successful projects similar to yours, and a clear, detailed contract that outlines costs, timeline, and the scope of the project.

Yes, some homeowners choose to do parts of a remodeling project themselves, such as painting or demolition, to save money. However, it's important to be realistic about your skills, the time you can commit, and your understanding of construction and safety regulations. Major projects, especially those involving structural changes, plumbing, or electrical work, are typically best left to professionals. Always ensure your work complies with local codes and regulations to avoid costly corrections down the line.

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