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Lane Motor Museum

Lane Motor Museum - Nashville TN

If you love cars as much as we do, then the Lane Motor Museum is a must visit. It is located at 702 Murfreesboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37210. It truly is one of the best car museums in America. You’ll drive yourself crazy just looking at all the classic cars that are on display. Here are our top reasons you should add the Lane Motor Museum to your itinerary when traveling to Nashville Tennessee.

The Lane Motor Museum is Free!

Yep, the Lane Motor Museum is free to visit. This means that you don’t have to pay a penny to see these cool cars. Yes, it’s a little weird to visit a car museum that costs you nothing but we think that’s part of the experience. We think it’s cool that the museum is free and we like how people get excited to experience it. There was even one guy who hopped out of his car to take the pictures you see here. You’ve got to love a place that’s all about cars and doesn’t charge a cent to see them. Up next is the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

There’s Something for Everyone

We’ve already mentioned that the Lane Motor Museum is all about cars, but that’s not all that’s there. The museum also has a small collection of motorcycles and antique tractors. You can see everything from classic muscle cars to a few rare muscle cars. There are also antique cars and a few modern rides. It’s worth noting that the Lane Motor Museum is owned by a non profit organization so they’ve got to cover the costs of the museum. They don’t charge admission. They do charge a small fee to get in the garage and take pictures with the cars, but that’s it. They’re strict about it though. You can’t just walk in and take a bunch of photos. You have to wait in line like everyone else.

You’ll Learn Something About Cars and Automotive History

When you visit the Lane Motor Museum, you’ll learn about cars and the automotive industry. The museum is the history of the auto industry told through cars. You’ll learn about how the industry got started and what famous people have been associated with the auto world. So if you’re into learning about the history of cars or just want to be entertained, this museum is for you. You’ll learn about famous people who have been closely associated with the auto industry. You’ll learn about famous cars that have been important to the auto industry. You’ll also learn about famous car crashes and car races. It’s a good way to learn something while you’re having fun.

It’s Part of Nashville’s Culture

The Lane Motor Museum is a part of Nashville’s culture. It’s a fun, free way to take part in the city’s culture. Many locals visit the museum because they grew up with it. They remember visiting as kids and seeing the cars that were on display. It’s a cool way to get into the city’s culture and experience the city as locals would. There’s also a cool story behind it. The museum used to be a car dealership. It was managed by a couple. They had a dream of opening a museum with cars. So they saved up money and opened the museum. It’s since grown into a huge museum and is a big part of Nashville’s culture. More

Final Thoughts

The Lane Motor Museum is a fun, free way to experience classic cars in Nashville Tennessee. It’s part of the city’s history and has a bunch of cars to see. You can learn about the car industry and famous people who have been closely associated with the auto industry. You can also experience part of the city’s culture and visit a cool museum.

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